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Fire Engineering

HEN Nozzles advisor and retired FDNY Lieutenant Ray McCormack led this demonstration of the world’s first adjustable smooth-bore nozzle...


Ray McCormack Talks HEN Nozzles Outside the ICC

Mercedes Textiles

Innovation Delivered has been our promise for over 45 years. We live to see innovation in the fire industry and HEN Nozzles are a prime example of product evolution to work smarter, not harder...


Introducing The Hen Adjustable Smoothbore Nozzle


HEN Nozzles Inc. has developed innovative nozzles that improve wildfire suppression efficiency and reduce water usage...


New Firefighting Nozzles Suppress Wildfires More Quickly

Fire Apparatus

Firefighters globally rely primarily on either smooth bore or fog nozzles. Smooth bore nozzles, with heir extensive reach and large water droplets, facilitate reaching the fire's seat for effective extinguishment...

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The World's First

Adjustable Smooth Bore Nozzle

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SBIR Phase 1:

High efficiency nozzles for fire fighting


SBIR Phase 2:

High efficiency nozzles for fire fighting

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