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Adjustable SmoothBore Nozzle 150GPM@75PSI with Inlet Thread 1.5" NH. with Inlet Thread 1.5" NH. 

HEN adjustable smoothbore nozzles have the reach and penetration of traditional smoothbore nozzles along with the ability to switch to an in-line blade pattern. A simple quarter turn converts the solid tight stream into a solid in-line blade stream. Both stream choices deliver large droplet patterns at a constant gallonage.


  • Easily adjustable SmoothBore Nozzle, goes from solid tight to solid blade pattern.
  • 150GPM@75PSI
  • Available in 1.5" NH thread
  • Ergonomic design and heavy duty construction
  • Optimized placement and droplet size
  • Aluminum alloy body for maximum durability
  • NFPA 1964 compliant


SKU: 150T30-00

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