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Structural Fires

Discover the Power of HEN Nozzle Technology for Structural Fire Attack

Structural fires pose a significant threat to both property and human life. HEN has engineered a nozzle that enhances firefighter efficiency and effectiveness when tackling structural fires. With advanced stream technology, HEN nozzles deliver precise and powerful streams that improve fire suppression and safety within buildings. The unique Blade pattern of HEN nozzles ensures rapid knockdowns and reduces water waste, making them an invaluable tool in structural firefighting.

Why Choose HEN NOZZLES for Structural Fires

Rapid Fire Suppression

HENs adjustable smoothbore nozzles provide traditional solid streams to wide blade streams for enhanced coverage and rapid suppression. HEN puts the choice in the firefighters hands. Ease of application and rapid control of today’s fires is a must for successful suppression, HEN nozzles supply all of that.

Blade Stream

The full blade setting provides a wide linear stream with a concentrated leading edge of water. This provides extended coverage of the fire area for rapid suppression. The blade stream will increase your fireground effectiveness.

Enhanced Safety

HENs blade stream reduces firefighter operational fatigue through increased stream coverage. The blades increased coverage area requires less nozzle movement to obtain. Using an up and down or a side to side nozzle technique is less taxing on firefighters while providing a more stable nozzle reaction. 

Durable and Reliable

Built with high-quality materials, HEN nozzles are durable and reliable, ensuring consistent performance even under extreme conditions. This reliability is essential for maintaining effective fire suppression during critical moments.


Adjustable Stream Control

  • The ability to switch between a tight solid stream and a wide blade stream is a quarter turn away. Firefighters can tailor the stream to the specific need with minimal effort.

  • The tight solid stream and the wide blade stream have you covered for different types of fire suppression both inside and outside the structure.

High Penetration Power

  • The tight solid stream offers deep penetration into burning materials, effectively reaching and suppressing the fire at its core.

  • This high penetration power is vital for tackling fires for dense packed conditions or distant locations inside or outside the building.

Versatile Nozzle Design

  • The versatile design of HEN nozzles makes them suitable for a wide range of firefighting scenarios, from residential homes to commercial buildings.

  • The wide blade stream covers, cools and suppress fire over a larger area easier than any other stream in the fire service increasing operational safety.



"HEN Nozzles emerge as indispensable tools for both residential and wildland firefighting, offering pioneering solutions to enhance the effectiveness of fire suppression efforts."
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