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Protecting Our Wildlands

HEN Wildland nozzles combine increased efficiency in stream design and water usage

Wildland fires are very destructive and dangerous for the public and for firefighters. HEN has designed a nozzle that improves firefighter efficiency and effectiveness when extinguishing wildland fires. Extinguishment efficiency is paramount for wildland operation, HEN's blade pattern applies a concentrated linear stream increasing extinguishment over a broader area. The Blade pattern is enabling crews to get quicker knockdowns with less effort and fatigue while saving precious water resources.

Why Choose HEN NOZZLES for Wildland Fire

Increased Stream Effectiveness

HENs wide blade stream places a concentrated edge of water on the fire allowing firefighters to map their coverage area more quickly. The wide blade stream increases firefighter safety by creating a wet corridor of travel in a single pass of the nozzle. The tight stream suppresses deep seated and distant burning with a powerful solid stream of water.

Increased Functionality

Having a nozzle that provides a tight solid stream and a wide linear stream increases functionality. The firefighter rotates the outer barrel of the nozzle less than a quarter turn to go from solid stream to wide blade. This allows the firefighter to adjust their stream quickly and easily for emergent needs increasing their safety and the efficiency of the water used.

Reduced Water Usage

The blades wide linear shape and concentrated stream edge provides an expanded coverage area of suppression. This reduces the amount of water previously used for similar mapping. The blade stream provides high efficiency in both coverage and water usage.  Reducing the amount of water required for an area of suppression is a goal of HEN nozzles.

Advanced Stream Technology

Hen Nozzles are all adjustable smooth bore nozzles. This is the first major stream development in generations of firefighters. The traditional smoothbore stream is hard hitting and concentrated. It is paired with a blade stream that is adjustable in width, liner in shape with a concentrated edge of water. The blade provides increased coverage and improved efficiency in the wildland environment.


Superior Coverage

  • The Blade pattern provides a wide linear stream that effectively covers a large area.

  • The Blades stream adjustable size provides a concentration of water where you need it.

  • The Blade stream easily builds a protective corridor for advancement and extinguishment.

Reach and Penetration

  • The tight solid stream provides a concentrated flow to extinguish deep burning and provide extended stream reach.

  • Less than a quarter turn separates stream choices. Equal flows are provided using any stream choice.

  • Switching between streams has never been easier.

Less Water Used

  • The Blade pattern will extinguish a comparable sized space using less water.

  • Conserving water can now be done through extinguishment with the HEN.



"HEN Nozzles emerge as indispensable tools for both residential and wildland firefighting, offering pioneering solutions to enhance the effectiveness of fire suppression efforts."
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