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Discover the
Power of HEN Turbo


Revolutionize Your Firefighting with Enhanced Hose Control and Performance

Discover how the revolutionary HEN Turbo™ nozzle system transforms fire suppression with advanced hydraulic design and superior performance. Whether you're looking to improve hose handling, reduce kinks, or achieve optimal water placement, HEN Turbo™ is the solution you've been waiting for. Explore the power of HEN Turbo™ and learn how it can revolutionize your firefighting operations.

Why Choose HEN Turbo ?


Enhanced Hose Handling

Increased Stiffness: Improves hose stiffness, making it easier to handle, control and advance during suppression operations.

Reduced Whip: Minimizes dangerous hose and nozzle whip through increased back pressure, ensuring safer and more stable usage.

Pressure Management

Higher Initial PDP: 25psi greater initial PDP eliminates the need for gating, simplifying pumping and providing accurate panel readings.

Consistent Performance: Higher back pressure ensures proper function of pressure governors, reducing net pump pressure issues and gating during pressure source transfers.

Improved Performance

Kink Prevention: Effectively knocks out kinks and reduces overall hoseline kinking, maintaining consistent water flow.

Nozzle Reaction: Nozzle pressure remains low while the hose is pumped at a higher pressure, no increase in nozzle reaction force occurs allowing improved handling for enhanced water placement.

Versatile Application

Compatible with Most Hoselines: Works effectively with 1.75 to 1.9-inch hoseline designs, except those designed for 100psi only.

Universal Application: Allows you to use low pressure 50 psi nozzles with higher pressure hose to premium low-pressure hose design improving overall performance in each category.



Back Pressure Increaser

  • Performance Boost: 150gpm at 50psi with a 75psi inlet back pressure significantly improves hose performance.

  • Nozzle Performance: The nozzle maintains a low pressure with no increase in nozzle reaction force enhancing control and vastly reducing whip for safer suppression.


Hydraulic Design

  • Efficient Kink Management: +25psi higher initial PDP effectively knocks out kinks during the initial charge, ensuring a smoother flow.

  • Reliable Pumping: Less hoseline kinking allows for faster operations and enhanced flows. Higher initial required PDP ensures pressure governors function properly. Zero to less discharge gating required.

Streamlined Fire Operations

  • Enhanced Water Flow: 75psi back pressure allows for low reaction force flows of 150 to 185gpm, optimizing performance across various hoseline constructions.

  • Easy Application: Simplifies the work of pump operators and nozzle members, addressing common issues in handline hose and pumping hydraulics.

Mission-Focused Design

  • Durable and Reliable: Built to withstand extreme conditions, ensuring consistent performance during critical firefighting moments.

  • Enhanced Fire Stream Development: Addresses known issues with handline hose and suppression dynamics, improving overall fire stream application and efficiency.



"HEN Nozzles emerge as indispensable tools for both residential and wildland firefighting, offering pioneering solutions to enhance the effectiveness of fire suppression efforts."
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Ready to Transform Your Firefighting Operations?


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